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RED added useful cinematography tools to their website.

Crop Factor

With this tool you get an estimated preview of the probable crop factor by entering the focal length of the lens you are going to shoot with and by selecting the frame size.

red crop factor View full article »

Jim Jannard announced via REDUSER forum that RED will lower the price for its EPIC camera. They do this due to the fact that they have streamlined and optimized their processes and found better suppliers. Customers that have purchased their EPIC within the past 30 days will be offered a credit towards accessories. Price cut down date will be 1st Nov.

So. We could easily pretend and invent a new model to justify a lower price with higher performance. You are too smart for that. So are we. Instead… we will just lower the price of EPIC.


shot on r3d

RED is an awesome company manufacturing awesome products. Now RED gets its own awesome film festival: The “SHOT ON RED Film Festival”. It takes place on December 4 – 5th in Hollywood, CA. It showcases short and feature length indie productions that were shot on RED cameras. Submissions are open now!


  • 5 features
  • 20 shorts

Finalists will be notified on November 16th and will have the opportunity to see their films projected in 4K.


  • Ten finalist short features will be shown during a rotating two hour block


  • Top 5 films will be shown. will be incorporated into a reel that will be shown at the event


  • SCARLET-X camera package


  • The latest gear from SHOT ON RED Film Festival sponsors


Apple announces the support of REDs r3d format and the RED ROCKET card by Final Cut Pro X. Finally it happened.

final cut

via Apple

Not much to say this time. Just the link.

RAW video patent by Canon

Get your RED EPIC-X. Stage 4 has just arrived. This means, everyone (not just RED ONE owners) who’s got the money can now deposit 10% of the price for an EPIC-X.

RED EPIC-X Stage 4 Preorder Deposit

Existing RED ONE customers have been the only group eligible to purchase EPIC-X via the Stage 2, 3, and 3.5 programs. That is, until now. Stage 4 is now open for all customers to purchase the most advanced DSMC® camera in the world.

Capable of capturing 5K resolution at up to 120fps, EPIC-X has been responsible for breathtaking images both at the newsstand and on the big screen. From fashion spreads to feature films, the versatility of our DSMC® camera system allows you to compromise nothing and shoot everything – all with one camera. Purchase a Canon or PL mount alongside an arsenal of accessories to customize your perfect camera configuration.

EPIC-X is now available on RED.com for $27,500 (brain only) or $31,000 when packaged with a Ti PL Mount and Side SSD Module. Don’t forget that both SCARLET and EPIC will experience a price increase January 1, 2012, so be sure to reserve now to lock in 2011 pricing.

For those interested in protecting their purchase, our RED ARMOR extended warranty program is available for both EPIC-X and SCARLET-X cameras. RED ARMOR provides an additional two years of protection, shielding your purchase for a total of three years.


YouTube Preview Image

RED Roadmap

Jim Jannard posted a roadmap on REDUSER.net

EPIC-M- shipping

EPIC-X- shipping



Dragon update

RED projection

Monstro 645 DSMC

Monstro 617 DSMC

Surprise #1

Surprise #2

We reserve the right to change everything as needed…


Up ’til now, we have said what we are “going to do”.

As of now, that has changed (we promised that everything is subject to change… including our strategy).

We will only announce new things when they are done and ready to ship. That includes Scarlet and all other new products and accessories.

We used to go by “always late but worth the wait”. That will no longer be the case because we won’t telegraph what we are planning anymore. There will be no possibility of us being late. No more “we expect this to be done by…”

From now on it will only be “Here is is and we are ready to ship”.


I think it’s good. No speculative talking and stuff. Just clear statements when it’s done.

What do you think?

REDCINE-X Professional its now available for Download.

Available for MAC OS X & Windows

Get it links at REDUSER.net