Grant Petty (CEO of Blackmagic Design) just posted an update regarding the current shipping situation of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera on Facebook:


Things are going much faster with EF model camera production, and we have been getting out a very steady stream of cameras to all of our distributors around the world weekly. Though not at the full volume each week we would like, we are getting many more sensors per week than at the time of the January update, and have been very happy with the quality of the sensors coming in.

Also, I know there have been questions regarding the backorder and which regions are getting cameras first. Camera shipments are being sent out evenly between the offices, and will continue to be shipped that way.

With the MFT model, we are still planning on starting to ship some of those once we have gotten through more of the EF backorder.

And glad to see so many of you posting your footage captured on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Shots like the ones from “Big Sur” and the “Rebelz” music video that were posted a couple of weeks ago have made their way around all the Blackmagic offices, and it is amazing seeing what our camera can do in the hands of creative shooters.



Blackmagic Design

via BMD (Facebook)