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via lightworksbeta.com

The official release of Lightworks will be soon. At NAB 2012 Editshare announced 28 May 2012 as the official release date.

Prices & Availability:

Lightworks: Free Available 28th May 2012

Lightworks Pro: $60 per year Available 28th May 2012

Lightworks community membership is free to anyone that upgrades to Lightworks Pro

Lightworks Pro is available to educational users for $30 per year.

All available from the Lightworks online store at www.lwks.com after 28th May

via Lightworks Forum

Editshare just released an announcement on their lightworksbeta.com site.

There will be a membership model, that allows EVERYONE to use Lightworks.

Go to Lightworksbeta.com for more information

Lightworks News

Editshare announced some big news for IBC 2011 at 8th September. If you are registered at lightworksbeta.com you will get the news instant via mail.

Read more at lightworksbeta.com

Just got to know that there will be news concerning the release of the Console for Lightworks 2010 by Editshare at NAB 2011. We’ll keep you informed regarding this.

More infos about Editshare Lightworks: lightworksbeta.com

Today Editshare released an updated version of their NLE Lightworks 2010.

Read more & get it at lightworksbeta.com.

Features & Fixes list:

* Fix crash when resizing video-routing panel

* Fix Exported DVCPro100 Quicktime playing correctly in FCP (Hardware I/O only)

* Fix crash trimming a single clip in a timeline

* Fix tools not returning correctly if toolbox is unpinned

* Fix audio only EDL Export

* Fix crash during OMF export with invalid shot

* Fix audio not being heard on audio tracks 17 and above (Hardware I/O only)

* Modify Mackie protocol to support edits with more than 16 audio tracks

* Fix SDI output not appearing when first entering a project (Hardware I/O only)

* Audio nodes can now be added by right clicking on the yellow line

* Fix output setting being reset when returning to the Project Browser View full article »

Tutorial by DV Tutorials

This is kind of an introduction to a new series on Lightworks that I am working on with a good friend- dual commentaries will be coming. This video though, has a more in depth look at bins and organizing media in Lightworks Beta sotfware.

Tutorial by DV Tutorials

A follow up to our tutorial regarding cutting footage in the Lightworks Beta program, this tutorial details the process involved in setting ‘in’ and ‘out’ points for video clips to be added to the timeline in an organized manner.

Tutorial by DV Tutorials

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/21214409]

This is the final installment of our Lightworks in depth tutorial videos. In this tutorial, DVTutorials discusses the process of rendering (or exporting) your videos within the Lightworks Beta program. If you’ve followed us thus far (and we encourage those who haven’t to go back and watch them) the other videos should have brought you up to this point in which we render the final video to your hard drive for uploading to video sharing sites.