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Tag Archive: EOS 7D

Berlin Thunderstorm

There was a huge thunderstorm over Berlin this morning, between 12:00 and 5:00 am. So I grabbed my 7D, my tripod and my Macbook and took some photographs of the Lightnings that showed up in front of my living room window. The results are the following 8 Pictures:

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Sebastian Wiegärtner did a little low light test with these three cams.

via wiegaertnerfilms.com

dc98 from dvxuser.com discusses an interesting idea about 3K video with a Canon EOS 7D. He uses the burst mode of the cam to shoot images and then let it pass through Twixtor/Kronos to get some nice SlowMos.

Read at dvxuser.com.

Kyle Prohaska posted some shots he took with the upcoming 4/3″ HD camcorder Panasonic AG-AF100 at dvxuser.com. View full article »

Some days ago I saw the HDR tonemapped footage of Stephen Lee Carr. I was very fascinated by the look and wanted to do this by myself. So…I did. I know it’s not the best tonemapping but it’s a test to work out a good workflow and stuff. Let me know your opinion on this!

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