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Vision Research Has Dropped the Price on Phantom HD Gold Refurbished Cameras

For the first time the Phantom HD Gold is available for under $50K, and available for immediate shipment!The Phantom HD was the world’s first ultra high speed camera designed for the digital cinema market, and revolutionized the way slow motion is experienced around the world. The Phantom HD Gold provides exceptional creative control with frame rates up to 1,000 fps at 1920 x 1080 and exposure control in fine increments. They remain a popular option for high-speed cinematography, and are…

Vision Research Digital High-Speed Cameras Key Tool in Understanding the Flight of the Hawk Moth

Have you ever seen a hummingbird hovering over a fully bloomed flower on a beautiful summer day? There’s a chance that hummingbird was not a bird at all. It might actually have been an insect, a hawk moth to be exact. Just like hummingbirds, the elegant hawk moth has a very unique wing movement which allows them to hover over flowers while feeding on nectar. With a wing span that can reach up to 13 cm (almost 5 inches), it is easy to see how these large insects are often mistaken for…

MIT Summer Short Course – High-Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis: Systems and Techniques

June 18-21, 2012MIT Edgerton CenterCambridge, Massachusetts In this four-day program, morning lectures present the fundamentals of lighting, lens selection, high-speed-imaging methods, and motion analysis. Afternoons are spent in the lab, using the latest equipment to image high-speed events, with the manufacturer’s representatives on hand providing advice and guidance on using the systems. The program ends at 9pm, Thursday, June 21….

Phantom Firmware Downloads for v-Series Cameras

Firmware updates are available for download for the following v-Series cameras: Phantom v211, v311, v341, v611, v711….

Vision Research Launches Mobile Website

To better serve our mobile customers, Vision Research has launched a mobile website that is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. The site is engineered so that it will detect the type of device you are using and format the website accordingly. You can expect the same features on the mobile site that you have come to expect from our US website. Use the same URL in your mobile device’s browser and you will be good to go….

Vision Research Launches Italian MicroSite

To better serve our worldwide customer base, Vision Research’s latest local language MicroSite has been launched. The Italian language MicroSite is one of many local language websites that we will be launching throughout the year….

ITM to Sell Phantom Cameras in Canada

Vision Research is proud to announce ITM Instruments as our exclusive sales partner for Phantom cameras targeted at industrial, military and research applications in Canada. ITM Instruments has sold precision test and measurement instrumentation for over 25 years and is a 100% Canadian-owned company with branches in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. ITM offers a huge selection of quality equipment of the best brands in test and measurement instrumentation. Products range from multi-meters…

Phantom Cameras Used in Testing Grenades from 17th Century French Shipwreck

With the sophisticated, powerful features of Vision Research’s Phantom v710 and v1610 high-speed cameras in tow, the team performed 11 grenade launching tests in two days, documenting significant information with the Phantom cameras as part of the study of La Belle. Download the case study….

Vision Research Wins Popular Science 2011 Best of What’s New Award

Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of high‑speed digital imaging systems, today announced that its Phantom v1610 digital high‑speed camera received a 2011 Best of What’s New award from Popular Science. Popular Science, the world’s largest science and technology magazine, chooses 100 innovative tech products and gadgets each year to be included in their annual Best of What’s New issue, the magazine’s best-read issue of the year. Awards are distributed among the…

Renta Imagen / Cucrisma Has Phantom Flex Camera Available for Rentals in Mexico

Renta Imagen, with more than 30 years of experience renting graphic and digital cinema equipment, have joined the Cucrisma family to manage and offer Vision Research’s Emmy award winning Phantom Flex digital high-speed camera to our clients in Mexico and Latin America.”After taking some time analyzing the various digital high-speed camera options on the market, we decided on the Phantom Flex. Without a doubt this has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Not only because of the…