RED added useful cinematography tools to their website.

Crop Factor

With this tool you get an estimated preview of the probable crop factor by entering the focal length of the lens you are going to shoot with and by selecting the frame size.

red crop factor

Redcording Time

You want to know hos long you could shoot with your settings? No Problem! Recording Time gives you the option to calculate your costs for recording media beforehand.

red recording time

Flicker Free Video

Never ever flickering video again when shooting abroad. Just enter the local power frequency and your favourite framerate. Flicker Free Video calculates the safe shutter angles and the corresponding shutter speeds.

red flicker free video

Depth Of Field

Depth Of Field tells you how your camera settings affect the depth of field of your image.

red depth of field

Caution: These tools give you no definite values. They are just estimations to give a an orientation.

via RED

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