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YouTube Preview Image

The one trillion FPS camera by MIT Media Lab.

YouTube Preview Image

Not very practical for shooting movies, but it’s a camera and it’s freakin’ science!

via WIRED.com

BandPro announced a nice price for a Sony F65 bundle. You can own it for just 85,000 $. Sounds kinda cool, huh? 😉

Get the details at BandPro.com

Sony HXR-NX70

Sonys new entry level small form camera. Dustproof. Rainproof. Professional features.

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think?

Get more specs here

This is interesting. A 2K RAW S35 Cam by Kinefinity called KineRAW. This should be the Chinese answer to ARRI and RED. Price should be around  8000,- $. It records 12-bit CinemaDNG or 10-bit CineformRAW. Lens Mounts: PL, Oct19, Nikon or Canon EOS.

Watch the video at Vimeo.com

What do you think about that?

I think I need this sweet little cam. 16mm Sensor and RAW recording.

Get more informations at: Ikonoskop.com

RED SCARLET 8x Footage

New amazing footage of the RED SCARLET by Jarred Land:

Get it at REDUSER.net.

P+S Technik X35 news

I just received an E-Mail from P+S Technik. Read it and be excited:

We would hereby like to invite you to the cinema. But don’t worry – we’re not going to drag you into the latest sequel of a sequel.

This time you’ve got the opportunity to go to the cinema to witness something truly special.

Come and join us at the presentation and screening for our new flagship product, the PS-Cam X35, at the Cine Gear Expo in Hollywood on Saturday, June 4, 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm.

P+S X35

P+S announces a new digial camera called X35. The new most reliable all-purpose camera courtesy of the world’s leading supplier of innovative film equipment and accessories.

Find out more at pstechnik.de.

Philip Bloom did a little comparison in two parts. Enjoy.

I should have realised how tricky this would be to do right but I am glad I did. This has been an immense amount of work. I wanted to do a “real world” comparison test of the above cameras with a Canon 5DmkII along for the ride to see how it compares.

It’s not a Shootout like the Zacuto one coming in June but a comparison on how they are to operate, the features they offer and of course a look at their images.

Part 2 goes in depth looking at the various features, but this is the pretty one with all the shots! Enjoy!