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Avid announced Motion Graphics at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam:

YouTube Preview Image

Get more information.

YouTube Preview Image

RED Roadmap

Jim Jannard posted a roadmap on REDUSER.net

EPIC-M- shipping

EPIC-X- shipping



Dragon update

RED projection

Monstro 645 DSMC

Monstro 617 DSMC

Surprise #1

Surprise #2

We reserve the right to change everything as needed…


YouTube Preview Image

Check out the first flight of our RED EPIC M on the CineStar 8.

Using the latest composite technology, the CineStar 8 is an extremely lightweight and rigid aerial platform. This innovative design allows for higher payloads and longer flight times.

The 2 axis CineStar camera gimbal is completely adjustable to accommodate a wide range of cameras from small DSLR’s all the way up to the Red EPIC.

The CineStar 8 in this video weighs 6lbs ready to fly and is lifting a 10lb payload, over 1.5 times its own weight!

Music – The Naked and Famous – Young Blood

Editshare just released an announcement on their lightworksbeta.com site.

There will be a membership model, that allows EVERYONE to use Lightworks.

Go to Lightworksbeta.com for more information

BandPro announced a nice price for a Sony F65 bundle. You can own it for just 85,000 $. Sounds kinda cool, huh? 😉

Get the details at BandPro.com

Awesome awesome awesome movie by Kevin Smith! Watch it!

YouTube Preview Image

Up ’til now, we have said what we are “going to do”.

As of now, that has changed (we promised that everything is subject to change… including our strategy).

We will only announce new things when they are done and ready to ship. That includes Scarlet and all other new products and accessories.

We used to go by “always late but worth the wait”. That will no longer be the case because we won’t telegraph what we are planning anymore. There will be no possibility of us being late. No more “we expect this to be done by…”

From now on it will only be “Here is is and we are ready to ship”.


I think it’s good. No speculative talking and stuff. Just clear statements when it’s done.

What do you think?

REDCINE-X Professional its now available for Download.

Available for MAC OS X & Windows

Get it links at REDUSER.net