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This is one fine reel. Pretty awesome aerial shots. Done with ARRI ALEXA and RED EPIC.

via Vimeo

This time I want to present you my top 5 collection of short films I like a lot. If you do know awesome short films, that are not listed here, please feel free to comment.


This short film is very cool. It’s about a boy, whose parents are arguing all the time. When he saw an ad on TV for Blinky, he thought that maybe this robot could bring his parents back together. The short film Blinky won the category narrative at vimeo awards 2012. View full article »

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

via youtube

Here’s a trailer for a nice Kickstarter campaign that has completed. It’s a scifi film made without CGI or greenscreen. Really impressive pictures.

More on c-themovie.com.

I want that TMNT bed linen too!

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This is going to be awesome…and sick.

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This is a new short by Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk shot on A-cam dII.

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Kick cancer in the balls on standup2cancer.org

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