Jim Jannard of RED posted an update regarding the state of production of the RED EPIC camera.

Here’s a quote from the RED User Forum:

EPIC-Ms will continue to be made given that the parts and pieces are available. EPIC-M are not full featured… but have most of what you want.

EPIC-X Stage 2 will ship a few before NAB, production will continue after a slight delay due to Japan supply chain issues end of April. All features will not be available for early EPIC-X and upgrades will come as they are enabled.

All orders for Stage 2 and 3 will be shipped before summer’s end 2011 (this year).

Order taken for EPIC-X at NAB will be shipped by summer’s end.

EPIC-S will beging production as soon as EPIC-X orders are filled.

Hope this helps you with your planning…


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