Today Editshare released an updated version of their NLE Lightworks 2010.

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Features & Fixes list:

* Fix crash when resizing video-routing panel

* Fix Exported DVCPro100 Quicktime playing correctly in FCP (Hardware I/O only)

* Fix crash trimming a single clip in a timeline

* Fix tools not returning correctly if toolbox is unpinned

* Fix audio only EDL Export

* Fix crash during OMF export with invalid shot

* Fix audio not being heard on audio tracks 17 and above (Hardware I/O only)

* Modify Mackie protocol to support edits with more than 16 audio tracks

* Fix SDI output not appearing when first entering a project (Hardware I/O only)

* Audio nodes can now be added by right clicking on the yellow line

* Fix output setting being reset when returning to the Project Browser View full article »