Dave McGavran of Adobe just posted new details at REDUSER.net

Hi Guys,

Dave here… I teased you last week because I couldn’t talk fully then. Well we announced CS5.5 and I want to post a few of my thoughts on this board about how this helps the RED workflow. We try our best to keep you fully informed and I don’t hide any info that I am ready to disclose so here it goes:

  1. We added second system sound, this was asked for by all you guys. It works great and easy.
  2. We fixed all known timecode issues with RED footage and audio sync.
  3. We worked with RED on some stability fixes that should make everything better.
  4. We added all the current color settings that you get in RED Cine.
  5. We added histograms and a curve editor.
  6. We significantly improved importing FCP import including work on making FCP red stuff import better.

Next we have an EPIC Labs release planned for really really soon after 5.5 hits the streets. This will have more stuff we couldn’t get into 5.5.

  1. EPIC support!
  2. EPIC HDR support. (I will post more on the specifics of this later. I am working with the excellent guys at fxguide to make sure this works well)
  3. Second head out of the red source settings dialog in PPro. So you can see your corrections on a second monitor.
  4. On a big monitor you get bigger source settings.
  5. You will have the option to respect camera metadata for flipping images. Although it will be faster on the timeline.

Whats up with Rocket?

We improved performance on Rocket in ppro. 4k full res no dropped frames using rocket on windows. A drop or two is still sometimes visible on the mac due to apple hardware/software issues. Epic footage plays in real time at half/res with 1 rocket. 2 rockets and it can play full res 5k in real time no dropped frames. This was demoed in the JMR booth.

Plus all the other great features in ppro and as always we made things faster, better and more stable.

This is all 5.5 based. So get it and and give us feedback. I want all RED movies edited in PPro and Effects editing done in AE. We are listening to your feedback and incorporating it where we can and as fast as we can so keep up the suggestions.

I am now working directly on the ppro team so I will be gathering all the notes you guys have posted in this forum and bringing that directly into our planning.



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