According to a press release by MOTU, they will ally with Apple and Intel to work closely together concerning the development of audio and video products that support the Thunderbolt I/O.

MOTU, a leading developer of video and audio I/O products, announced today that it is working closely with Apple and Intel to develop future products that take full advantage of Thunderbolt™, the new, very high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity standard developed by Intel® and deployed by Apple® to worldwide markets on their latest generation MacBook Pro laptop computers.

“MOTU has often been the first to adopt new connectivity standards, such as FireWire, in our video and audio I/O products,” said Jim Cooper, MOTU Director of Marketing. “We’re excited about Thunderbolt because it clearly represents the future of professional I/O. MOTU’s strong partnership with Apple and Intel lays the groundwork for exciting new possibilities for Thunderbolt-equipped MOTU products in the near future.”