Sony PMW F55

Sony released the press info for their new CineAlta cameras PMW-F5 and PMW-F55. Both are 4K cameras, that can record RAW material (limited to 2K). You can shoot highspeed with both. The F5 supports frame rates up to 120 fps at 2K. The F55 supports frame rates up to 240 fps at 2K. A nice feature of them is the simultaneous recording of RAW and compressed material on internal SxS-cards and the optional AXS-R5 RAW recorder with matching time codes. This way you get online-/offline-material to which sony provides a workflow for post production.

Sony PMW F5

Along with this neat new cameras comes a new line up of Sony CineAlta PL lenses. It’s the successor to its former line up of PL lenses. Focal lengths go from 20 mm up to 135 mm. Focus rings rotate 240°. Aperture is T2.0 on all lenses.

Sony PL lenses

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