This time I want to present you my top 5 collection of short films I like a lot. If you do know awesome short films, that are not listed here, please feel free to comment.


This short film is very cool. It’s about a boy, whose parents are arguing all the time. When he saw an ad on TV for Blinky, he thought that maybe this robot could bring his parents back together. The short film Blinky won the category narrative at vimeo awards 2012.


Sight is about a not so distant future, where augmented reality is omni-present. It shows the benefits and supposed downsides of this great technology.

Le Miroir

Le Miroir shows the story of a man in front of his mirror. From childhood to becoming a grown up and finally an old man. Great short film!

Address is approximate

A wonderful and touching short film about the journey via google streetview. There’s no need to say more. Just watch this piece of magnificent art.

We miss you

I think most of you should know this short film by Hanna Maria Heidrich.

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