Due to the catastrophe in Japan RED can’t deliver all EPIC cameras on time.

Here’s what Jim Jannard wrote on REDUSER.NET forum:

After talking with our group, and after exhaustive work on supply chain issues… there are 18 parts (out of 18,000) of EPIC-X that come from Japan. More specifically… northern Japan factories. If you are not brain dead and have been watching the news, you will understand that this is bad news.

We are late shipping EPIC for many reason up to now… mostly due to us. We have made changes, had no idea how difficult this project was… yada, yada. Now that we know what we are doing and are ready to rock, including building a complete production line in Irvine… this happens.


While we have a handful of production parts for EPIC-X and will deliver them before NAB as promised, we are now looking at how to make more EPIC-Ms available to EPIC-X customers because there will be a delay in EPIC-X production due to the “Japan-effect”.

No one is more disappointed than me… I am spending a fortune in blood pressure medication. Really.

We still feel that we can deliver all EPIC-X orders by summer’s end but it will be “back-end” weighted. April and May will be “light”.

Life is short. Put yourself in a position doing what you were meant to do. Expect curveballs. They come. Do your best and take the consequences. I guess I am talking to myself…

I promised to be transparent. Mostly that is a good thing. Tonight I am depressed. But always willing to tell you the straight scoop.


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