Jarred Land wrote some Specs of the upcoming RED EPIC Canon Mount.

  • These will start to ship to customers on September 9th.
  • Deposits will open on RED.COM in the store in the next couple days. Price for the smart Titanium Canon mount is $2000.
  • The Titanium mounts are all machined out of solid Titanium.
  • Current EPIC builds all support Iris control over the mount. An early AF build will be released around the time when the mounts ship. This will include basic touchscreen autofocus.
  • After release You don’t need separate builds for different mounts.. AF support for Canon and Nikon etc. will all be integrated into the ” normal ” EPIC builds, so you can switch from PL to Canon mount to Nikon mount all with the same camera build.
  • Speaking of switching, it is a field safe procedure ( in a clean area ) and literally involves unscrewing 4 bolts and swapping mounts.. Then check back focus ( if needed )
  • The Canon lens mount is “SMART” which means it controls camera Iris, Image Stabilization, and Autofocus electronically, via the various control options with EPIC ( touch screen, side handle, REDMOTE )
Read more at REDUSER.net

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