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Vision Research Has Dropped the Price on Phantom HD Gold Refurbished Cameras

For the first time the Phantom HD Gold is available for under $50K, and available for immediate shipment!The Phantom HD was the world’s first ultra high speed camera designed for the digital cinema market, and revolutionized the way slow motion is experienced around the world. The Phantom HD Gold provides exceptional creative control with frame rates up to 1,000 fps at 1920 x 1080 and exposure control in fine increments. They remain a popular option for high-speed cinematography, and are…

The official release of Lightworks will be soon. At NAB 2012 Editshare announced 28 May 2012 as the official release date.

Prices & Availability:

Lightworks: Free Available 28th May 2012

Lightworks Pro: $60 per year Available 28th May 2012

Lightworks community membership is free to anyone that upgrades to Lightworks Pro

Lightworks Pro is available to educational users for $30 per year.

All available from the Lightworks online store at www.lwks.com after 28th May

via Lightworks Forum

via REDUSER.net

There its something really sweet coming. BMD announced their own Cinema Camera. According to Blackmagic Design the price is about $2995,- USD.

The dynamic range will be around 13 stops. It supports recording a RAW resolution of 2.5K. More specs below. View full article »

Vision Research Digital High-Speed Cameras Key Tool in Understanding the Flight of the Hawk Moth

Have you ever seen a hummingbird hovering over a fully bloomed flower on a beautiful summer day? There’s a chance that hummingbird was not a bird at all. It might actually have been an insect, a hawk moth to be exact. Just like hummingbirds, the elegant hawk moth has a very unique wing movement which allows them to hover over flowers while feeding on nectar. With a wing span that can reach up to 13 cm (almost 5 inches), it is easy to see how these large insects are often mistaken for…

Vision Research Introduces the Versatile Phantom Miro M320S Compact Digital High-Speed Camera

Vision Research, the leading manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, presents the Phantom Miro M320S digital high-speed camera, which takes portable high-speed imaging to the next level by combining the lightweight, rugged design of Vision Research’s latest Miro family with advanced features not found on any other camera in its class. “Our new M320S follows Vision Research’s Miro M-Series tradition in versatility by adapting to many imaging…

Vision Research Unveils Phantom v642, the Third Generation Digital High-Speed Broadcast Camera

Vision Research is proud to announce the introduction of the Phantom v642. The high-speed digital camera retains the unique ability to both record and playback ultra-slow motion footage simultaneously, while adding the capability to accurately color match regular speed broadcast cameras using advanced Multi-Matrix Color Correction Technology. The Phantom v642 incorporates Academy Award – and Emmy Award-winning technology to record and deliver impressive ultra slow-motion images….

MIT Summer Short Course – High-Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis: Systems and Techniques

June 18-21, 2012MIT Edgerton CenterCambridge, Massachusetts In this four-day program, morning lectures present the fundamentals of lighting, lens selection, high-speed-imaging methods, and motion analysis. Afternoons are spent in the lab, using the latest equipment to image high-speed events, with the manufacturer’s representatives on hand providing advice and guidance on using the systems. The program ends at 9pm, Thursday, June 21….

Vision Research Provides Digital Video Sud with Nine Phantom® v641 Digital High-Speed Cameras

Vision Research is pleased to announce that Digital Video Sud (DVS), the French-based super slow motion services leader has chosen the Phantom v641 digital high-speed camera to capture some of the premier sporting events happening in Europe this summer. DVS provided slow motion broadcast coverage of the Football World Cup in 2010, ATP grand slams like Roland-Garros 2011, Formula 1 Grand-Prix such as Monaco 2011, among other high-profile events. Currently, DVS owns 19 Phantom cameras,…

Phantom Firmware Downloads for v-Series Cameras

Firmware updates are available for download for the following v-Series cameras: Phantom v211, v311, v341, v611, v711….