DitoGear introduces the PortaSlider. It’s a modular timelapse slider for entry-level and professional shooters.

So, as said, it’s modular. DitoGear carried the conept to the extreme, stuck 14 units together (14 meters of rail) and it seems that they had a lot of fun.


  • modular track design (0.5m, 1.0m, 2.0m modules
  • controller and user interface integrated with motor and trolley
  • continuous and and drive-shoot-drive mode, 2 way w/ shutter control
  • basic video mode w/optional controller (left, right, speed adjustment)
  • horizontal & diagonal operation w/ lightweight cameras
  • option of connecting the OmniSlider controller for a full-blown set of features (planned)
  • very affordable price (to be announced soon)

Read more at DitoGear.com.

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