Jim posted some words at REDUSER.net:

Many people want to know what’s up with EPIC and Scarlet production.

EPIC-X. We are frantically working on finding solutions to supply chain issues created by the tsunami in Japan. We have found alternate sources (as have all of the other major companies) of parts that were exclusively made in Northern Japan. All of us are just waiting and in line for these parts and pieces. It appears that a solution to the supply of these parts will allow production of EPIC-X to begin in earnest in June. We have a full production facility and 98% of the components ready and waiting to rock as soon as we receive these parts.

EPIC-M. We are making machined body parts and purchasing individual parts and pieces at extraordinary prices now to continue production of EPIC-M.

Scarlet continues to be an issue due to the fact that lens components from Japan are causing an issue and we aren’t quite sure how long it will take to resolve. We will update as we have more info.

In the past we were late due to our own issues. Now we are late due to issues beyond anyone’s control.


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