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Apple announces the support of REDs r3d format and the RED ROCKET card by Final Cut Pro X. Finally it happened.

final cut

via Apple


Canon announced a firmware update for its EOS 5D MKIII. This update makes it possible to get an uncompressed signal (YCbCr 4:2:2, 8 bit) out of the HDMI output. Nice one, Canon. That makes it possible to connect an external recorder to the camera, what means better images for post production. But there’s one major catch: the update is not rolling out until April 2013. Boo on you, Canon. You announce such a great feature, many people are eager for and you let them wait so darn long.

via canonrumors

RED Digital Cinema announced the EPIC-M Monochrome a few weeks ago. Two days ago, the first footage shot on it was posted on REDUSER.net by Jarred Land. It’s a video for WOLF Magazine by Steven Sebring shot at Pier 59 Studios. Very nice pictures.

RED EPIC-M Monochrome quick specs:

Native ASA 2000.

Increased net resolution ( Removal of the debayer process, so every single individual pixel is used for luminance / image data )

New Low Pass Filter to assume a reduced pixel pitch ( 1×1 vs 2×2 Bayer )

$42,000 ( brain only ) includes upgrade to Dragon Monochrome Sensor spring 2013.



via REDUSER.net

There its something really sweet coming. BMD announced their own Cinema Camera. According to Blackmagic Design the price is about $2995,- USD.

The dynamic range will be around 13 stops. It supports recording a RAW resolution of 2.5K. More specs below. View full article »

YouTube Preview Image

Not much to say this time. Just the link.

RAW video patent by Canon

Polly portable dolly system

Just stumbled over this new dolly system. It’s called Polly. It’s obviously that the name is a mix of the words “portable” and “dolly”. Polly is intended for filmmakers who like to work with compact camera systems like DSLRs. It’s design is very small and compact, so it would fit in a bag or similar.

Key benefits:

  • Flywheel driven and stabilized
  • Ultra Portable and built like a tank
  • No electricity needed
  • Runs super smooth on every flat surface
  • Almost no prep time
  • Flexible and extendable system
  • Stopmotion scale for accurate tracking sequences
  • High quality engineering

Sebastian Wiegärtner did a little low light test with these three cams.

via wiegaertnerfilms.com

Get your RED EPIC-X. Stage 4 has just arrived. This means, everyone (not just RED ONE owners) who’s got the money can now deposit 10% of the price for an EPIC-X.

RED EPIC-X Stage 4 Preorder Deposit

Existing RED ONE customers have been the only group eligible to purchase EPIC-X via the Stage 2, 3, and 3.5 programs. That is, until now. Stage 4 is now open for all customers to purchase the most advanced DSMC® camera in the world.

Capable of capturing 5K resolution at up to 120fps, EPIC-X has been responsible for breathtaking images both at the newsstand and on the big screen. From fashion spreads to feature films, the versatility of our DSMC® camera system allows you to compromise nothing and shoot everything – all with one camera. Purchase a Canon or PL mount alongside an arsenal of accessories to customize your perfect camera configuration.

EPIC-X is now available on RED.com for $27,500 (brain only) or $31,000 when packaged with a Ti PL Mount and Side SSD Module. Don’t forget that both SCARLET and EPIC will experience a price increase January 1, 2012, so be sure to reserve now to lock in 2011 pricing.

For those interested in protecting their purchase, our RED ARMOR extended warranty program is available for both EPIC-X and SCARLET-X cameras. RED ARMOR provides an additional two years of protection, shielding your purchase for a total of three years.